Ecoope Pilots to become a cooperative entrepreneur

Do you want to become a cooperative entrepreneur?
Do you want to know more about the cooperative model and values and apply them to your future projects?

Only 15 higher education students or recent graduates will have the chance to participate in this pilot experience, that includes theoretical and practical experience and where you will work in teams to find innovative solutions to challenges from real cooperatives.

You’ll receive an intensive, state of the art, 5-day dynamic workshop in Santander, conducted by experts in the cooperative model, design thinking tools, ideation and validation of ideas, implementation plans and pitching.

The pilot program will take place from January 29th to March 2nd, 2018.

Within a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, you will be part of a real cooperative company for 4 weeks, in a real working experience environment in Spain, Portugal, England or Italy, and where you will be able to develop your ideas for the innovative challenge presented, using the tools and knowledge learned in the training.

Apart from the training and the professional experience, officially certified by CISE, you will receive a scholarship valued in nearly € 1.000 that includes accommodation and travel allowance.

Fill out the pre-inscription form before Dec 31, 2017.

Further information please visit the web site youth.ecoope.eu