The “Green Your University” award competition

The “Green Your University” award recognizes creative and innovative student projects that contribute to improving sustainable development on university campuses.
Through this award, we seek to:

  • Engage students and encourage them to become actors of sustainability in their universities;
  • Inspire students by showing them what can be achieved and how successful projects can be developed;
  • Share best practices and knowledge with students and other university members.

The best project will be rewarded: members of the winning team will all receive an interrail pass, a train ticket that makes it possible to visit any of 30 European countries for 10 days within one month!
Each year, they will be invited to present their project during the UNICA GREEN Workshop.
The next Workshop will be held in Lausanne in March 2019.
Members will also get the opportunity to visit one of the universities of the UNICA GREEN core group to discover what the university has achieved in terms of sustainability.

The submitted projects will be used to create a database of best practices of green students’ projects around Europe.

Application opens on October 1, 2018. Deadline to apply is December 15, 2018.

Feel free to contact us at green-award@unica-network.eu if you have any questions.