Foreign Companies

The Jobsoul web portal provides services and promotes initiatives on students and graduates job placement and training activities.
The portal provides a meeting between the demand for employment and internship opportunities posted by the companies registered and the applications made by students and graduates who publish their Curricula Vitae on the website.
To use the different service of Jobsoul website, companies can register online filling the form available at the page Aziende > Accesso al servizio.
A personal area will be activated, from which companies can:
  • Propose job opportunities aimed at students and graduates. The company will receive applications of the users registered in the website, and will do autonomously the recruitment of the candidates;
  • Receive speculative applications from users even though at that time the company has not posted opportunities;
  • Search curricula through specific criteria. In this case, the curriculum will be displayed without the users' sensitive data. Only when users give their express permission, following the request by the company, such information will be displayed by the company;
  • Request a framework agreement with Sapienza University of Rome, in order to activate internships for student and graduates. 
All the operations will be subject to the control of data by the offices in charge.

For further information please contact: